• Malizia has always cared for the needs of families.


    The umbrella brand, it is divided into complete lines of products for personal hygiene and home care, highly differentiated within them in order to offer specific answers to as many specific needs, according to the different reference targets.


    Malizia Profumo d’Intesa for Her, Malizia UOMO for Him are the complete lines of fresh and sensual perfumed deodorants, available in many different fragrances with different character. Choose the one that's right for you.

  • For sunny and bright teenagers, who are looking for fresh flavors and bright colors, here are the Malizia BonBons: not only perfumes with delicious and captivating fragrances, but real cult objects to be collected. Fun and impactful graphics, each Eau de Toilette embodies a world of sensations and exciting aromas to discover.

  • Malizia Famiglia is the line of toiletries products dedicated to the entire family. The formulas are enriched with natural ingredients and embellished with pamper fragrances that respect the natural balance of the skin and that envelop the body in a seductive and revitalizing embrace, gently cleansing and help to maintain the natural hydration of the skin. For a feeling of relax every day.


    The styling cannot be missing with Malizia Giovani and Malizia Ecologica lines.

  • In the end, for an agreement also under the sheets, the home line with products with rich and persistent fragrances for laundry.


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