• Our philosophy

    Since the 1960s, we dedicated our energy and skills to the one  sector only: the beauty.

  • 360 degree beauty that plays a crucial role within each individual ecosystem of each individual, man or woman, large or small, from east to west... Beauty is a way of being that allows people to find safety in their vehicles and make their way through the most steep and winding streets... that's why we decided to invest in this sector.

    Our philosophy is to satisfy the infinite and particular requests of each person in order to find a better version of themselves, accessible to all. We are committed to carrying out this missionethically and responsibly, respecting the different cultures and the environment.
    This is Mirato Company, an industrial reality with all-Italian characteristics, but with an increasingly international breadth, capable of satisfying different and specific requests and needs.

    The success of our company lies, primarily, in the gratitude and satisfaction of each customers, that allow us to become one of the Italian leaders in the beauty sector, today. This aspect is also linked to the high production flexibility, the distinctive capacity for innovation and the progressive integration and segmentation of the offer within already established "umbrella brands". Mirato has been able to constantly anticipate new trends and promptly respond to new demand requests.


    The refinement of production techniques, the constant attention to quality of product and effective commercial and marketing policies, have contributed to making Mirato an industrial reality of primary importance.