• 1960s: THE BIRTH


    Mirato was born in the 1960s, in the midst of the economic boom, a moment characterized by the strong growth in the demand of new products for personal care and hygiene.


    Corrado Ravanelli, president of the company, he was able to creates successful products that have spanned the decades and that enter the home of millions of consumers every day; with Splend'Or hair spray he lays the foundation for the development of the Society.

  • 1980s: THE FIRST STEPS


    The 1980s marked the fundamental stage in Mirato's growth: the Company launched Malizia, a complete line of personal, practical, fresh deodorants, in a variety of fragrances, for a young and female target. The launch is accompanied by an advertising campaign that recites for the first time the hugely popular jingle "Malizia profumo d'intesa".


    The success is extraordinary, linked to the identification of a specific target and a new line of "self-care" products intended to quickly establish as innovative products, practical and accessible to everyone.



    Continuing in the strategy of innovation and segmentation of the offer, in the 1990s Mirato introduced a new product line and a new "umbrella" brand to the market, like Malizia, the new brand became extremely popular soon: Intesa. Also in this case the launch has been studied to cover a new market segment with strong potential: Intesa Pour Homme is the first complete line of face / body treatment products specifically for the male audience, in particular a dynamic sportsman who take care of  to body.  The offer of a complete range of products in response to the needs of a specific target, the excellent quality / price ratio and the practicality and originality of the packaging, together with the extensive use of advertising communication in support of the launch, ensure an immediate success to the Intesa line.

  • In 1997 Mirato launched Intesa Sex-Unisex, a line of personal deodorants with highly innovative characteristics, which is aimed at both male and female audiences.

    In 1998, Mirato integrated the range with two new lines of personal hygiene products: Bon Bons Malizia, the first eau de toilette aimed specifically to very young girls, a market segment previously not covered by the offer, and Malizia Unisex, deodorants for men and women, that completes the offer of the Malizia line.

  • 2000s: THE EVOLUTION


    In December 2000 the Company acquired "Clinians", with an important position in the cosmetic market.
    The brand, with a purely female target, refined and with a high image in the cosmetics market, boasts a high reputation and is recognized on the market as a symbol of quality and safety.


    "Clinians" represents the Company's entry into the distributed high-end cosmetic sector, mainly in the Mass Market channel and, to a lesser extent, in perfumery. Clinians therefore completes the Company's offer, now present with its products in significant market segments.


    In 2006 the Geomar brand was acquired, essentially characterized by specific body care products (mud, scrubs, creams), belonging to a rapidly expanding market niche not managed by Mirato with its own brands.


    In 2009, Breeze was acquired as a historic brand present  on the market since 1962.

    Synonymous of efficacy and quality Breeze is a leader in the "squeeze" perfumed deodorants segment, with product functionality features that integrate, without overlapping, the offer of Mirato deodorants.



     In 2015 Glicemille (Natural softness for the skin) and Nidra brands (The sweetness of milk on the skin) become part of the Mirato family.

  • Mirato Group in 2017 with the aquisation of Gianasso open the doors for Mirato, with I Provenzali brand , to the Natural and Biological Cosmetics market with low environmental and social impact. Its leadership had an important development in 2018 with the rise of the Sustainable Cosmetic trademark.